Friday, November 20, 2009

New Thoughts

Sorry about the downer yesterday. That article really got to me. I find walking my dogs to be the most relaxing, rejuvenating experience. And to have that tainted by always being on guard--where's the next threat coming from?--really rocks my world.

On to more pleasant thoughts...

This weekend Cosi and I are off to NJ to try for that elusive excellent Q. We had a great class on Wednesday; Coleen had some good challenges for us. We worked on lead outs and pivots--fun stuff.

I did a bit of on-line shopping and found a nice coat for Cosi. I've been thinking of getting him a coat for when he's in these indoor trial sites that are not heated. When he's in a concrete-block building, I think he needs a coat to keep warm. I really like the design of the coat I got him. It doesn't have a belly band; it wraps around his chest and stomach and closes along his back. When I get it next week, we'll take pics and post them.

Next week is Thanksgiving...I'm thankful for my Cosi-Bear Man and the fun we have running together.

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