Monday, November 16, 2009

T-Shirt Philosophy

I saw these quotes on T-shirts this weekend, and thought I would pass them along:

Animals Don't Abandon People

The Less You Talk, The More Your Dog Listens

A Dirty Dog Is A Happy Dog

Have you seen any good bumper sticker comments lately?


Rohan Shelties said...

I dont know if this falls under the bumoer sticker category, but these guys have some GREAT t-shirts with some GREAT sayings (and designs!!) I dont know if theyve been at any of the trials in your area, but Im VERY excited to see them this Saturday at the Thanksgiving Cluster here in Mass (I wait every year to see them and be at this show!!!) Here's the link:

take care!
Sheltie Hugs
Heidi, Shelby and Sheltie-Mom Jenn

Cool Design Shelties said...

Love the quotes on the shirts :o)