Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Leg

At the Tail Blazers Agility Club trial this weekend, Cosi and I got our first Excellent A leg in standard. We also had fantastic runs in are the details:


The weather was unbelievable. It was pouring rain--sideways! There were 40 mph winds and the rain soaked everyone and every dog and every piece of equipment to the core. I didn't think we'd ever be dry again. Thank goodness the trial was indoors. Still potty time was quite the adventure.

We started out in standard. The course time was 65 seconds. It was a flawless, conntected, thrill of a run. Cosi's time was 41.5 and was the only dog in Excellent A to Q. Therefore, he took first. Next was jumpers. He was a total loon. He broke his start line, running past me taking three jumps. He turned, looked at me and clacked his teeth at me. I carried him off the course. From a complete high to a "What the heck was that?!" run. Back to the hotel for rest and drying out gear by the hotel heater vent.


We were the first height to run in jumpers. It was a twisty, turny course...not our usual cup of tea. I wanted to give it the best shot, so I planned on a lead out pivot then a fancy move at the weaves. I left him in the weaves and went to my line to set up the triple for him as he exited. AND IT WORKED! He read the lead out perfectly, we zoomed to the weaves. I left him in the weaves and was beginning my front cross at the triple as he exited. It was a thing of beauty. He dropped one bar beacuse of the bad angle I gave him. 100 percent my fault. It was a fabulous run. Jack only caught the second half on tape as he lost track of us in the mob of people at the gate. But it was the BEST half that he captured. You can see my move at the weaves. Sweeeeet.

The standard course was making teams bite the dust all day. So, again, my attitude was give him good information and see how we did. In a pinwheel I didn't cue a turn quickly enough, and he stayed on his line to an off-course tire. What a GOOD BOY! Back on track, the rest of the course was flawless. I even got to make a move I wanted to do at the table. I did a lead out pivot to cue the turn to the teeter. Then the ending was so cool. First time at the dog walk/tunnel discrimination, you took the tunnel. Out of the tunnel, over a jump, then up the dog walk. He read it like a book.

In my book we were three for four this weekend. Three superb runs with one Q to put in the record books. I love being connected to him during a run. It's the thrill of a lifetime.

Thanks for all your good wishes for success this weekend. We could feel the vibe!

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Diana said...

WhooHoo sounds like great runs!! Diana

Joy said...

My little prayers are working! Congrats. I don't think you need my little prayers though. Miss you.


The Bradley Dogs said...

Great runs, Bonnie. Congrats on that first Excellent Q!