Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Once Again Into the Fray

This weekend Cosi and I are again going to NJ to try for that elusive Excellent Q. We were only one R away from qualifying last time. I've continued to work his turns and crosses with box work and single jump exercises (with plenty of breaks for playing ball in between).

These mild days and spring-like mornings have given me spring fever. I had the windows on the second floor open yesterday, just to get some fresh air. The 37" of snow is gone; the speed circle I had to shovel around the A-frame has vanished. Funny, after that blizzard in February, I didn't think we'd ever have grass again in the yard. We have tiny crocuses in the yard, and seeing them pop up is a definite sign of a change in the seasons.

Keep your paws crossed for us for the weekend.

Here's a picture of sunny days...Cosi poses next to the day lilies in the garden last summer.

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Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

I still have 2-3 foot drifts in my yard, and garden and on my deck. Really starting to work on me.