Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Training Update

Cosi and I practice weaves.

Cosi and I will not be going to many trials this summer--one in June and one in July. The main reason is footing. The venue where most local trials are held is at an indoor soccer facility that has carpet instead of sprint turf. The footing, therefore, is quite slippery for Cosi. I've watched our videos from last year, and I can see his butt sliding around as he tries to wrap the first weave pole. People use sticky spray (resin) on their dogs' feet; I've also heard stories of dogs ripping knees because their feet planted and stuck and the body twisted. No thanks to that! I'll opt to stick with sprint turf or dirt.

On the plus side, having fewer trials this summer gives us an opportunity for regular training sessions. We're working on independent contact performance and more lateral distance handling (for FAST class courses). We've been training on Sundays and Tuesdays, and class is on Wednesday. Three training opportunities a week--a perfect schedule! We're gearing up for a very busy fall, trialing almost every weekend in September, October, and November.

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