Thursday, September 2, 2010

Excellent FAST

We have two of the required three legs towards our Excellent A FAST (a gambler's game in AKC) title. I'm hoping this weekend we can get our third Q and move up to Excellent B FAST. I enjoy this game as it allows you to make up your own course. Jack also enjoys this run as it's something different for each dog.

I'll often use the FAST run as a warm up or a "training" run. In the video below, you'll see me make sure Cosi sticks the teeter landing. The day before, he ran off the teeter with barely a stop. We have 35 seconds to complete 15 obstacles and the bonus. I can take the time to "train" certain obstacles, not caring if we Q, place, or win. There's no substitute for the actual ring. I want to be sure he knows that the rules apply here, too, not just in the back yard or at agility class.

Here's the video of our Q in Pittsburg in FAST:

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