Monday, September 27, 2010


See that red blur in the foreground? (If you can't make it out, click on the photo to blow it up on a separate web page by zooming in.) That's Cosi chasing a plastic bag when we went lure coursing. My agility instructor has a gorgeous place with lots of places for dogs to run free in fenced in areas. The large field in this picture is where I took Cosi on Sunday to test our recalls. We entered the field together (he wasn't pulling at the end of the leash), and I asked him to sit. I removed his leash, and he looked at me with expectation. I extended my left hand, palm out. He began nose touching as we had practiced so many times. After the third one I yelled, "Good! Go for a run!" and he took off with unabashed glee across the field. I counted to three. I called, "Cos, come!" To my delight, he turned immediately and came running back to me. What a great test of our Brillant Recalls course! What a great dog. =:O)

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