Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our First Excellent B Q!

Cosi and I went the LKC trial this weekend, and what fun courses! The standard and jumpers runs on Saturday were close, but we had an off-course in standard and a dropped bar (just one on a gorgeous run!) in jumpers. The FAST course on Saturday was good, but I didn't snag enough points.

On to Sunday. The standard course was tough requiring a lead-out pivot and a 90 degree turn to the dog walk. Then there was a serpentine after the weaves to the table. By then I was thinking, "Wow. We're clean so far! Breathe!!" We finished the run with a time of 43 and change.

I looked at the jumpers course map. Oh, my...there were two serpentines, two pinwheels, a wrap, and rear crosses all over da place. I was unsure about handling the opening, and we did drop one bar. But the rest of the run was glorious. We were connected and running like a true team. What a rush! I went to check on the standard results, and to my surprise we took first. The cherry on the sundae!

Here's the Excellent B standard run from Sunday, first place in 16" class, for 48 MACH points:

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