Sunday, October 31, 2010

Playing in the Dirt on Halloween

Cosi's standard run from Halloween weekend.

This Halloween weekend found us playing in the dirt at Dillsburg. There were some very challenging courses this weekend. On Saturday we missed a good standard run by just one dropped bar--same ol' curse haunting us! But the standard course on Sunday was very technical. The big dogs were biting the dust, usually within the first five obstacles. Yikes! I was so thrilled that Cosi and I actually finished this run--with just one dropped bar.

In the FAST class we had a near perfect experience on Sunday. A perfect score in FAST is 80 points; we ended up with 79. Too cool!

The crowning achievement this weekend was in jumpers on Sunday. It was a "gimmee" course--not technical, no fancy moves, just run, jump, tunnel, weave, and out. Thank goodness. We Q'd and got our second leg needed in Excellent A. Our time was 25.83--the exact same time of the first place Excellent B dog on the same course!

No more ghosts and gobblins for us. And I'm not haunted by what "could have been." We tricked the judges and got treats at the end of the day.