Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Small Trials

I went to a one-ring trial on Monday and Tuesday this week. First of all, it was hard to say "Monday"; we all kept saying "Saturday." Or we'd say, "We did well this weekend." Then we'd laugh, realizing that it wasn't the weekend. The up side is that the work week is shortened for me. I only have to work three days, then it's back to agility on Saturday and Sunday. Ahhh. I could get use to a schedule like that.

Cosi and I were on fire on Tuesday. In FAST he got the send, but I stepped on the line. I felt like I should have been wearing big clown shoes! What a rookie mistake. He even had 78 points--a great run. There were no yellow copy sheets at this trial, so I didn't know the results until I checked the monitor at the secretary's table. They had Cosi as qualified. That wasn't right, and I told them so. They showed me his sheet; the scribe had circled Send Bonus instead of Fault. I told them I had stepped on the line, and the judge--who was right next to me--called "fault." They looked at me, confused. I said, "Do what you want, but it's not a correct score." When the judge checked the scores, she recalled the run. We didn't Q, so the record is correct.

The standard course on Tuesday was great; there were challenges, but the course really flowed. We were totally connected, and Cosi turned in a time of 36.9, with only one dropped bar (heart breaker!). The jumpers course was flat-out fun. The course was fast, and the 24" and 20" dogs were done in no time. Cosi and I were third dog in the 16" class and smoked the course with a time of 25.4. All the bars stayed up, but he turned wide on a rear cross and we got a refusal when he went past the plane of the next jump before I could call him back. Ratz. That run is like a sore tooth; I just won't let it alone in my mind. I wish we had a mulligan in agility. I'd love to run that course again. Maybe we can convice the AKC that you get one Do Over. Think they'll go for it? LOL

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