Monday, October 18, 2010

No Jury Would Convict You

A co-worker came into the office today feeling frustrated. She told us this story:

In her laundry room she has a spray bottle with a water and Fabreeze mixture. When she gets her summer/winter clothes out of storage, she sprays them with this mixture so they smell fresh. She got out some sweaters yesterday, misted them and let them dry. She noticed an odd pattern on some of the sweaters. The mixture had never affected her clothes before. Hmmm...time to question the children. It seems that her teenage son had a problem with a wasp in his room. He took the spray bottle, emptied it and mixed Colorox bleach and water. The mixture took care of the wasp, so he returned the bottle to the laundry room. Tell Mom? No. Why bother her with these details.

We all agreed that no jury would convict her. This story reminded me of a sitcom scenario. Unfortunately, it was true. We told her we liked her sweater, that the pattern added to the appearance. She didn't believe our fib.

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