Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday Night Live

This weekend's trial at Dillsburg was like an episode of SNL. Now, you have to know that I'm talking about the old SNL, the ones with John Belushi and Steve Martin that I would watch in college in the '70's.

On Saturday we had a stinky FAST run. Just plain ugly. We were like "two wild and crazy guys!" OK. Got the kinks out...on to Standard. Well, apparently the FAST class stinkies were just the beginning. We were awful in Standard and Jumpers, bars down all over da place.

On Sunday we Q'd in FAST and took first place. Then in Standard we had a clean run going until we hit the serepentine, which was in the last five obstacles. I was too close to the second stantion when I called him over, and he dropped the bar. Stupid! Stupid! (like Chris Farley). I checked his time: 40 seconds and change. Winning dog time: 43 seconds. Grrr. In Jumpers we had a blazing run going until the weaves and I cued my send to the next jump too early. He popped at good ol' #10, and we were done.

It's like my friend, Rosanne Rosanna Danna says, "It's always something!"

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