Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Susie in earlier times.

My mom's dog, Susie, has not been well. She's been suffering since July with Cushing's disease and an enlarged liver. The meds the vet has been offering are not working, and she goes through these periods of great distress.

Every day on the way home from work, I call my mom and chat about the day's events. Today she used the words "put down" when talking about Susie's condition. This makes me very sad on two levels: Poor Susie's suffering has to be bad for Mom and Dad to decide this. My mother has had a canine companion every since she was 5. Her Irish Setter, Major, was her first babysitter. He wouldn't let her step off the curb. He played hide and seek with mom and her neighborhood friends. She cried on her honeymoon because she missed her cocker spaniel, Shortsnort. My mom is the original dog lover person. I'm sad to think of her without a canine buddy.

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