Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tomorrow (Friday) Cosi and I are off to an agility trial. I'm very excited about this year's trial season as we're going to hit it full force. We dabbled last year, running here and there, running in different venues just to gain experience. Now, it's for keeps.

I usually run at AKC trials as that is the venue where Brisco and I first started running. I guess you like best what you're familiar with so AKC remains my main focus. My agility instructor tells me that Cosi would make a good USDAA dog, and on her advice I'm trying a USDAA trial in February. We'll see...I have some personal bias to overcome there. =:O)

The bonus for this weekend is that the trial is near the town where my friend Janice lives. Cosi and I will pack up and head to Janice's house on Friday afternoon. Janice is not a "dog person," but she generously tolerates my pack. She adores Brisco (and the feeling is mutual) so it will be interesting to see what she thinks of Cosi. Cosi is a lot more exuberant than Brisco, but I'm hoping his charming personality will win her over.

Janice and I met when I took my very first teaching job out of college in 1976. She was my mentor, supervisor, and bestestestest friend. We've been buddies ever since. She's one of those friends that even though you haven't seen her for weeks/months, when you get together it's easy. It's like you just saw her yesterday. She loves to travel, and I'm always eager to hear about her adventures. She comes to two or so agility trials a year with me, usually when I have to drive a distance. She's my videographer, confidant (talking about work and family), and cheering squad! I'm so psyched for the weekend. I'll have video for you on Monday...

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