Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Thanks to Mother Nature we have an unexpected day off. We got only 3" of snow, but the lovely crust of ice on the top coupled with freezing rain this morning forced the school where I work to close.

And it got me to thinking...why can't a random day off be part of our culture? It sure puts a spring in your step to be able to stop, relax, and take a day for yourself. Nothing fancy, no big trip or plans (like a holiday), but just a day off. And the day off doesn't have to be weather related; just a day to chill.

I went to a private school in grades 9-12. Every fall--on a date only the top people knew about--the headmaster would announce in the morning that "Today is Gretna Day!" The cheers where deafening. That meant that all classes, tests, homework, and after-school events were canceled. The entire school packed into buses, and we went to Mt. Gretna for the day. There was a picnic lunch (your usual hot dogs/bugers type of lunch) and roller skating and just a day away from school.

Why can't we do that in our business life as well? Have the CEO or President announce, "Today is your day. See you tomorrow." Sure would be sweet, wouldn't it?

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Josh and Jess said...

Well, enjoy your day off and keep warm :)

Josh and Jess