Sunday, March 8, 2009


Two On. Two Off. Here's a picture of Mike demonstrating the correct position that I have named "spot," as in hit your spot.

I require that my dogs perform a 2o2o position on the teeter and dog walk. I've always had Brisco do a running contact on the A-frame. I think the slamming into the ground would cause him injury to his shoulders. He just didn't have the strength in his back end to mitigate damages.

Cosi is a different story. He's so fast that I'm worried he will launch himself off the A-frame if I don't require a bottom position. Right now he's required to do a 2o2o. I'm re-thinking this criteria and may change him to either a stop or a down at bottom of the frame.

Which do you require?


Diana said...

Im not sure what the answer is. I started out teaching my young shelite running contacts. But at her first trial she jumped all her contacts all three days. So right then and there I decided she was going to kill herself jumping off an A-frame at that height. So Ive been trainning a 2o/2o since Oct. She doesnt well every where except a trial. She runs the contact. Except this time she hit the yellow. Obviouslly that running contact is well in grainned in her brain. Then she got injured. And I frist noticed the injury on the down ramps of the dogwalk and a-frame when she was trying to stop. Now Im trying to fingure out what to do. I know thats not helpful.Sorry. Diana

Sheltie Owner said...

Sorry to hear your dog is injured. I highly recommend a lot of rear-end awareness foundation work. I did that with Cosi and it's made a difference.