Thursday, March 26, 2009

AKC Nationals

Starting tomorrow the American Kennel Club will hold its national agility championship competition in North Carolina. I consider this trial to be the *real* agility championship that the AKC sponsors. (The other competition--the one in Long Beach--is the invitational.) I like the fact that dogs earn points and QQ's to be able to compete at the nationals. There's no cut off by breed like there is for the invitational.

Brisco and I went to two national championship competitions. I cherish the Q ribbons I have from those events. I knew going into the event that we would not place. My enjoyment of the nationals was to see all the Big Guns there. To be able to see them run, up close and in person, was a thrill.

Unforatunately the television coverage of the nationals (both USDAA and AKC) is horrible. If--big if--they do cover it, the show only runs for one hour and focuses on the runs by the big dogs. I think every dog's run in the finals deserves to be shown. When you watch the finals in person, the wild card round that occurrs before the finals is edge-of-your-seat exciting. You make your best run, and you're either in the finals or eliminated. Can you say pressure?

Best wishes to all my buddies making the trek to North Carolina this weekend. I'll be eager to hear of your adventures at the next trial.

I wanted to share our nationals experience with these two photos. One is from the competition we attended in Tampa, Floria. The other is in Columbus, Ohio. Both were memorable because my best boy and I had a chance to run at nationals. They are memories I will always cherish.

At left, Brisco and I at the Tampa Convention Center in January, 2006.

Below, Brisco, Mike, Jenny and I at the Nationals in Columbus, OH, in 2007.

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