Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Lull in the Action

Rain, rain, go away. It's been raining for 4 straight days now. Enough, already!

This weekend we are not going to a trial, a lull in the action. Actually, I'm glad for the respite. I'm hoping there will be a break in the clouds, and we can get out to practice in the yard.

Brisco and I always practiced in our little yard, and it ended up being to our advantage. Because of space considerations, we practiced tight turns, ignoring equipment that was next to what you were to take, and that made us a great AKC team. AKC courses are traditionally more twisty, tight courses, emphasizing control over speed. I would grin as I would walk a course and hear exhibitors complaining, "This is so tight!" I knew then that we would Q.

Cosi, on the other hand, loves to blast through everything. I'm hoping some time in the yard will improve our team work.
Cosi at the Run For Fun trial last summer.

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