Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trial Weekend

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend: outdoors with moderate temps, a lovely breeze, and NO rain. The courses were great; the Flexible Flyers club put on a super trial.

Gail showed up to get her dog Sizzle measured. I pressed her into videotaping our runs.

On Sunday Jack and all four dogs came to the trial. It was a wonderful outing for everyone. Brisco loves to survey the scene, so I put him in a crate at our setup where he could watch the rings.
Marilyn and Barb ran their dogs as well. Marilyn had TWO Q's--one a first place--with Austin. Her Advanced Gamblers run was awesome, a textbook run. Her Masters Jumpers run...well, let's just say that Austin saved her butt!

Cosi Q's in P1 Pairs on Saturday. A wonderful weekend with friends and agility.

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