Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We have an answer...

I thought I've been dealing with a bad back, perhaps a disc problem. Last evening I saw a physical therapist and finally got an answer. It's not my back; it's my pelvis.

During the HOT Agility trial in April, I heard a pop as I was running a course with Cosi. That pop, the therapist said, was my pelvis going out of alignment. My right leg was shorter than my left because my right side of the pelvis was raised. The therapist put me back into alignment, gave me exercises to do, and set up three more sessions.

The key to physical therapy is to *DO* the exercises they give you. I'm on it! This morning as I lay on my back doing my stretches, three shelties came over to "assist." Jenny, of course, was in bed with Daddy, probably saying, "Let me know when you're done and we're getting breakfast." =:O)

I hadn't had time to put together my videos from last weekend. I finally had time last evening. Here's our P1 Standard run from Sunday. Obviously, this week we're working on the table. Other than that I was very pleased with the run.


Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Isn't it so good to know what the issue is? Hopefully the PT will put you to rights again.

By the way, the vegetables in my garden that you saw on my blog are doing great - growing like nobody's business. I just thinned out the red beets yesterday and will be making some baby beets for dinner tonight. I will probably have WAY too many beans and melons and so will have some to sell. I'm planning to take the extras to a local produce auction, but you'll get first dibs. I'll let you know.

Diana said...

Great run!! Hope your body is feeling better soon . Diana