Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Killer Poodle

Yesterday I let the dogs into the yard. Jenny was nutsing around, pawing at something on the ground. I called her to me, she came back with a "prize." She had a chunk of bunny fur in her mouth. And she wasn't about to give it up.

Of all my dogs, I think Jenny would be the killer dog if she ever got to wildlife (squirrels, rabbits). She's got an awesome nose and often tracks scent as we walk. You can always tell when she's on the trail as she zig-zags over the grass.

I let her keep her prize as she was very proud of it, shifting her eyes left and right, saying "Are you going to try and take this? Cuz I really want to keep it."

My Killer Poodle--perhaps I should put a sign on the fence that reads, "My poodle can make it to the fence in five seconds. Can you?" Do you think that would deter would-be thieves? =:O)

Jenny has always enjoyed lap dog status! Even as a puppy she showed that poodly Attitude (with a capital A).

I was trying to take a picture of Brisco. Look very carefully in the background, and you'll see him. I call this photo, "Jenny hogs the camera" She's always been a hoot!

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Diana said...

Love the sign idea. Very funny. Diana