Sunday, June 28, 2009

Golfing & Agility Shelties

Jack just got back from a week of golfing in Myrtle Beach. In a golf super store he found a club cover that is a Sheltie head. He kept telling me on the phone that it looked so much like Cosi, I was eager to see this thing! Here Jack shows off his latest purchase:

Okay...but does it really look like Cosi? To check we put the two together. This was a tough picture to take as Cosi kept looking at it as though asking, "Can I play with this thing? It looks like fun!"

What do you think?

In order to preserve this cover Jack didn't want to put it in his bag as it may get wet and ruined. We decided to display it--where else!--with Cosi's agility ribbons. Now the Sheltie golf club is next to the Sheltie agility ribbons. See? Golf and agility Shelties *can* go together.

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Diana said...

That is just so cute. I agree it doesnt look to much like Cosi but still a great find. Diana