Thursday, June 11, 2009


My mother always told me it's rude to listen to other people's conversations. But as I walked the dogs through the town park tonight, I overhead the following:

"That's her! The one with the miniature collies! I seen her make them dogs sit and they stay while she walks to put trash in the barrel. It's amazing!"

Poor grammar aside--being a teacher, I am always attuned to those things--I was laughing that he thought a sit-stay was amazing.

I wrote in a previous blog article how we sometimes focus so much on dog sports, we forget the every day wonderful things our dogs can do. Things like good manners when greeting someone, able to sit and stay in a busy park while Mom puts the poop bag in the trash can, or able to be still while getting their nails clipped. A question I often get is, "How do you get them to walk so nicely?" It stops me in my tracks--how did I do that? I guess it was just a gradual thing that as I added dogs into the pack, they learned from me and the others, this is what you do on a walk.

I'm asking you: What wonderful things can YOUR dogs do?


Rohan Shelties said...

I have to say, although my girls are LOVELY and are welcomed every where they visit, their "leave-it" has got to be the best...the most useful, something they are REALLY good at, and something that always gets those same "OMG!!" comments. When I ask them to leave something, it is as if they turn into "super-dogs" and the item is kryptonite. They not only not touch it, they back away and turn their heads aside. They will even spit things out of their mouths that they had been in the process of eating only a few seconds prior. Shelby dumped a sweedish fish in the park the other day when I asked her to "leave it"; it keeps them safe from eating things, but also out of danger with other animals...including unknown dogs.

Sheltie Owner said...

Well done! That is such a useful command in so many situations. You go, Rohan Shelties!

The Bradley Dogs said...

Austin is such a gentleman when he is out and about that he got to come to work with me one day and teach our newest employees about Feedback Fundamentals. He showed them by his "shaping" behaviors that feedback must be timely, appropriate and easily understood. He then went to visit the ladies in data processing who ask me all of the time, "How is our Austin doing?" He made me very proud. Luckily, no food was involved :-) We're still working on being a gentleman when facing that temptation!

Sheltie Owner said...

That Austin gets to do the funnest stuff!!

A most excellent example of giving feedback. Now if I could just get Brisco to demonstrate how to use PowerPoint, he could come to work with me. LOL