Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Sign Of The Times

I got three phone calls this weekend from the school where I work. The seniors graduated today (Sunday) but only family members could attend the commencement--no faculty, no staff members. There are confirmed cases of the flu on campus, and to prevent spreading, the school is cutting back on "socializing."

Do you remember a few years back that there was an outbreak of dog flu? I can't help but wonder if this flue strain jumped from pigs to humans, could it then jump to other species?

Let's just say I'm hoping for call #4 saying STAY HOME. I work in the cubicle farm, and it would be easy for a virus to spread in that environment.

Stay well. Take care.

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Diana said...

Thats funny. We had 3 cases in the school the last week of school but they still had graduation. If sick people would stay home we all would be much better off. And good hand washing. Diana