Sunday, May 24, 2009

One of Our Favorites

One of our favorite walks is to go to a local retirement community and walk on their beautiful campus. It's a 15-minute drive from our house, so one of the benefits is that everyone gets to "go" somewhere. Brisco, especially, enjoys going places. We start's Brisco in the lead.

But Cosi says, "Hey, Mom, drop the camera and let's walk!"

We walk past the lovely chapel. The gardens and landscaping are spectacular.

This is a fun place. We walk under these archways which naturally create a bit of a wind tunnel. It's one of the places where we can cool off during the walk.

Then the path opens up, and we're off! This is the reason I love coming here. There are paved pathways all over this community. I believe there are around 15 miles of pathways. No skateboarders. No kids on bikes. And the driving speed limit is 15 mph, so no cars zooming past. Many drivers will roll down the window and ask me about the dogs. It's quite a pleasant and relaxing a walk because you don't have to be "on guard."

There's a RR station depot. I put the dogs on this bench for a quick photo op. Then we're off to find the ducks at the pond--Mike's favorite part of coming here!

Mike, Cosi, Jenny, Brisco

The pond has a gazebo in the shade, a lovely spot.

Mike starts checking; he's on alert for the ducks.

Like a little kid at an amusement park, he can hardly contain himself! He loves to "talk," making noises that aren't a growl, not a bark. Just talking. It's a hoot to watch! I love to give him opportunities to be himself and have fun. Here he peeks through the fence to get a better look.

After the pond it's on through the housing development. The evening was warm, and a lot of people were "porch sitting, " a lost art these days. We said hello to a lot of folks as we walked through the development. As you come back to the main part of the campus, the formal gardens come in to view.
There are rose gardens, trellised flowers, and fountains. People often have their wedding party, graduation, or family portrait photos taken here. The formal gardens are spectacular in every season.

That's our favorite walk. Hope you enjoyed it too!

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Diana said...

Wow, what a great place to walk. Not only is it beautiful, but no bikes or cars. Sounds like heaven to me. Diana