Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Impaired Driver

The statistics show that someone talking on the phone while driving is as impaired as a drunk driver. Well, today I saw something that may create a whole new category of "impaired driver."

I was driving home from work, got off the freeway, and ended up behind an old, beat-up pickup truck. From the smell of its exhaust, I'm guessing it was burning oil as well as gas. We headed into a series of traffic lights, and I noticed he was bothering with something on the front seat. Then I saw a pair of ears sticking up from the front seat. I thought, "Oh. A dog." Wrong. It was a calf! Apparently the calf was having none of this stay-on-the-floorboard stuff and was struggling to get out of the vehicle. The driver was attempting to stick his fingers in the calf's mouth to soothe it, I guess, but nothing was working. As I turned right and he continued straight, I prayed he got to the farm without going off the road or hitting something.

Are there any statistics about drivers and calves causing accidents?! LOL