Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Dirt!

This weekend Cosi and I will be running in the dirt in New Jersey. Gotta love that dirt footing. Many of our trials involve traveling, and sometimes it's just easier to take just one dog instead of all four. The piece of the puzzle that makes these trials possible is the Pet Sitter. I have been fortunate to find the perfect pet sitter. She's reliable, follows the rules I enforce, and the dogs love her. When I come home, the dogs are relaxed ("Oh. Are you back? We were snoozing."), and the house looks great. Going to trials is not a solo venture. Many people "behind the scenes" make it possible. So today's big shout out is to Debbie. Thanks, Debbie, for your support.

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Patti and DeBoys said...

That away, "DEBBIE"...keep up the great work.