Thursday, June 23, 2011


Brisco is doing better. He's been settled for two days. He's not 100 percent, but working towards it. UPDATE FROM THURSDAY EVENING: Brisco is perfect. He passed the "good potty" test with flying colors! I've got my boy back.

We got an update on the house rennovation project. Two items we ordered months ago are finally arriving. They will be the final touches; these last two pieces of furniture will complete the living room and dining room. Yea!

Finally, an update on agility. Cosi and I have been trying to master the rule set of Snooker. Anyone have any helpful hints? We're overwhelmed.


Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Good to hear he's on the mend!

Diana said...

Are you talking about USDAA snooker? There are two parts. The opening, which you design. And the close which the.judge designs. The opening has usually 3 red jump for starters. You must start with a red jump , if you successfully complete the jump, you the go to a.colored obstacle. A.coloured obstacle is one of the numbered obstacles in the close. Some people go for the highest point obstacles because if you get whistled out before you finish, you may still nave enough points to q. If you drop the bar on the red jump, you have to go find another red jump to take. You can not take a.colored until you successfully completed a red. So once you have done, red and colored for all three reds, then you must start the close without taking anything in between. So its good if your last colored is near the first closing obstacle. The first closing obstacle starts with the number 2. Usually 2-7. There can be a and b too. So like 6a and 6 b. They have to be taken in that order. Once you finish the close run to the finish line. Time counts. Clear as mud, huh?

Sheltie Owner said...

Thanks, Diana. You're right. Clear as mud! I never saw a game with soooooo many rules! Thanks for the tips.

Anna said...

Looks likes things have been a bit crazy around there. I am thinking of you and will keep Brisco in my prayers. Love you Bonnie!