Monday, July 6, 2009

The Best Place On Earth

This post is written by Cosi, Mike, and Jenny. Brisco would contribute, but he's busy. See, here at Grandma's house the windows are only 6 inches off the floor. In a word: Awesome! A little Sheltie guy like Brisco can run from window to window to window, chasing all who dare to walk by the house. So at Grandma's house he's on guard 24/7.

We love it here at Grandma's! The cookies flow freely (not like at home where we have to work for them all the time) and the walks are fabulous. There's a park nearby where Mom lets us run and jump and bark. We don't like the neighborhood fireworks at night, but being allowed to sleep in a bed makes up for it. Here are some photos of us at Grandma's:

Cosi says the feature he loves the most about Grandma's house is the indoor surfing. See, Grandma has these lovely, slippery rugs on her hardwood floor. There's a straight shot from the front door to the back door. Here's my style: Look at yourself in the glass of the front door, pretend to freak out, then run like a banshee to the back door, leap and slide on the rug. Repeat at back door to front. Continue this process until Mom yells at you. Try it! Indoor surfing should be an Olympic event!

Mike says he loves Grandma's house because he gets so much attention and treats. He can relax here and enjoy being with his Jenny. Jenny says enough pictures already!

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"Indoor surfing should be an Olympic event!" - That was a good one ;o))