Friday, July 17, 2009


For years I've been bugging Jack to get an RV so that we can travel with the dogs in comfort. Here's the outline of my plan:

Jack would drive.

I'd be in the back having a nap.

And Jack would drive.

I'd be in the back watching a DVD.

And Jack would drive.

I'd be in the back having a snack.

And Jack would drive.

For some reason I can't figure, he just wouldn't get on board with my great idea.

Yesterday I really played a good joke on him. We were in the kitchen and looked outside when we heard this loud engine. Here a 37' RV (like picture below) pulled up at our curb. I calmly turned to Jack and said, "Oh good. It's here. I ordered it on-line." For just a nano-second, he looked panic-stricken, like,oh, God, she did! Then he grinned and got the joke. He said, "Probably from Amazon!"

I love this man.


Diana said...

Thats a good one. LoL. Diana

Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Too bad you didn't really do it!

Sheltie Owner said...

Kathy, I would've lost my happy home!!

Kathi D said...

That sounds like a perfect plan to me!

Acadia Shelties said...

Oh how perfect! I have been trying to get Mike to agree to an RV also- my plan was about the same as yours- yeah- so what is wrong with our plan (very, big grin)