Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Sad Story (Reader Beware)

As I walked into work today, a co-worker met me with tears in her eyes. This is unusual as she is a very stoic person, not given to drama or excess emotion. She barely got out the words that her daughter's (an adult in her 20's) dog died yesterday. It turns out that the 3-month-old puppy had tags on its collar. The tags got caught in the crate and it hanged itself. When the owner came home at lunchtime to let the puppy out, she found it dead in the crate.

This is truly a heart-breaking story, but one I felt I needed to share. I have two "tips" regarding collars and tags. I've used Boomerang tags with much success. They fit flat onto the collar and have two benefits. First, they do not jangle; peace reigns in the house. Secondly, they are made of stainless steel so they don't rust or lose the lettering. I take all the dogs' tags--rabies, license, ID tag, etc.--and put them on the ring of their leash. That way when we are out and about on a walk, they have their credentials.

Please take this story to heart and take any dangling tags off your dog's collar, or remove the collar when you crate your dog. Let's keep our dogs safe.


Diana said...

How sad. I also use the boomerang flat tags. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That's a terribly sad story! Mom always takes my collar off when she puts me in the crate. Poor puppy and what a hard way to learn a lesson for the daughter.

Sheltie Owner said...

You're right, Ricky. Very sad for both the owner and the dear little pup. I only hope it doesn't (1) deter the daughter from getting another dog and (2) deter her from continue with crate training.

Cool Design Shelties said...

How sad. Poor daughter and poor little puppy!. My dog(s) doesn't wear collar(s) when they are alone...hope the daughter will get a new dog soon - but please tell her that she should never have collar on a dog when his alone!


Acadia Shelties said...

I don't leave collars on my dogs because I have heard of many "hanging" stories over the years. Sad, very, very, sad- I am sorry for her loss.