Sunday, July 19, 2009


This morning as I was playing with the dogs in the yard, I noticed a dead very young bunny, one that would not have left the nest yet. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was half eaten. It was right at the bottom of the A-frame. I looked under the A-frame and found that a rabbit had nested right underneath and up against the plank of the A-frame. Some nocturnal creature (cat or possum) found the nest and killed and half ate the baby bunnies. Carnage under the A-frame--ewwwww.

From my perspective I didn't want to reward Cosi on a contact where there was the smell of dead animals. So I wanted to move the A-frame. I enlisted Jack's help, and he didn't like the idea. He didn't want to kill any more grass (The grass under the A-frame is gone.). *Sigh* Agility perspective vs. home-owner perspective--sometimes the two don't mesh.

Have you found that to be true too?


Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

The smell of dead animals at a contact could be a great proofing exercise - one which most people would never think of. Consider yourself ahead of the game!

And by the way, the fenced yard is my dog's. The rest of the property is mine.

The Bradley Dogs said...

Another perspective - I could move my aframe wherever I wanted it in my yard - but I also have to mow that very same yard week in and week out! :-)

Maybe that will encourage SumSum to do the aframe. We'll have to come over before that smell goes away! :-)