Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Good Sit

I've named this picture "My Best Sit by Brisco"

It seems simple enough--ask your dog to sit. He is not to move until you give him a release command. You may ask, "Why do I have to ask my dog to do this? When would I ever use it?" Funny you should ask! I've got the perfect answer.

On our walk around town this evening, we used a shortcut. It's a cut-off path through the school grounds. It's a paved path, only two people wide. There are weeds and growth at the sides of the path. As we walked up the slight hill, I saw big, ugly shards of glass up ahead. And not just in one spot. There was glass all across the path, even in the vegetation. Someone had to have broken a number of bottles to make this mess. Hmmm....what to do?

I put all four dogs in a sit. I then picked up Brisco, carried him safely past the glass. I put him down, asked him to sit. I went back for Mike, then Jenny, then Cosi. All four dogs waited where I put them. No one was ever in danger of walking through the glass to get to either me or the other dogs. I was very proud of my dogs that they can do a simple task like sit/stay. It sure came in handy tonight when I could not find a path around the danger. Instead I did a Doggie Portage through it!

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Acadia Shelties said...

Great Example!! Simple commands like sit/stay make all of the difference in the world- thanks for posting a great example of a time it made a difference.