Saturday, August 15, 2009

Techno Gadgets

I bought a new Blackberry phone yesterday. Then spent the evening playing with my new "toy." The *first* thing I wanted to get done was to get a picture of my dogs as the wallpaper on the phone.

Being a techno geek, I was zooming around in no time. I am a computer applications trainer at a school, so I've heard my share of funny end user statements. Here are just a few:

When I boot my computer, I can't get to the blue. (It took me a while to figure out what "the blue" was. She meant Microsoft Word; at the time it had a blue toolbar at the top of the screen.)

Where's the OK button? (It's the one with the letter O and K on it!)

If I keep my data in a folder on the network called "students" will the students then be able to see that data? (Just naming a folder doesn't give you rights to it.)

My favorite is always Jack. "Hon, could you put so-and-so's number in my phone?" "Hon, how do I get to a new web page?" God love him, he's no technology wiz.

As I was working on getting the dog photo on the home page of the phone, I could hear myself as an end user saying, "Oh! You can use this device to call people too? I thought it was just a way to quickly show people a nice photo of your dogs!" =:O)

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