Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Just what you want to read about during the dog days of August, right?

I'm reading a knitting book right now and it has inspired me to try making another garment. I made a vest earlier this year and now I want to make a short-sleeved sweater.

When I was visiting my sister in July, we found these wonderful patterns for knitting sweaters in the round. (That means no sewing of pieces--a good thing!) I went on-line and found the perfect yarn. However, after I figured out how much I would need, the cost was $84! That's an awfully expensive sweater!

So, do I do it or not?


Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Go for it! It's about the love of knitting, not about getting a sweater for cheap.

Sheltie Owner said...

I thought of that line of reasoning, too, Kathy. I'm itching (no pun intended) to expand my knitting experiences and skills. I guess I could look at it as an "investment" in my knitting training. =:O)

Diana said...

Well its cheaper than an aglity weekend and probably will last longer too. Diana