Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Picnics

Sunday was the Dog Picnic of the Year. All the dogs from agility classes as well as camp are invited (with their owners) to Coleen's for a blowout time. Anna and Aurora, Cosi and I headed up to the picnic late Sunday afternoon, our food contribution in hand. Anna wasn't sure how Aurora would react with all these strange dogs around. Turns out, she need not worry at all. BoBo (Aurora's nickname) fit in very well. The following pictures tell the story of the picnic very well.

Aurora started out on leash at the pond, just to get used to all the dogs and people milling about. Cosi is already on his way to see his buddies, confident and happy at Coleen's.

Cosi practices his ABS (All But Swimming) technique in the pond.

Isn't this a beautiful picture of Aurora!? She was the HIT of the party. Everyone was in love with her. "Where's that cute Boston?" "How old is she?" "Is she an agility dog? She'd be great." "What a nice, confident little dog." As a proud Auntie, I was beaming.

Finally Anna let BoBo off leash...and away she ran! Thank goodness it's all fenced in. She had a blast, running with the big dogs and having a good time.

Only Coleen can get dogs to do anything. Aurora checked out the pond, going in up to her belly.

This was the funniest thing I've ever seen. This beautiful little Cavalier swam lap after lap, going in to retrieve her...straw. That's right, her straw. Not a ball. Not a bumper. A straw. It was sooooooo cute.

Cosi and I always enjoy a party at Coleen's. Thanks for a wonderful picnic, good walks in the field, a cool off in the pond, and great food. I shouldn't eat all week; I ate too much party food. =:O)

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