Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was so fortunate this week to be able to spend two days with my Cosi at a trial on Monday and Tuesday. How's that for a great way to start the week? It was a small, one-ring trial on dirt. I am so there! My favorite combination! I was able to volunteer for a lot of classes (always fun) and run Cosi in standard, jumpers, and FAST. On Monday we completed the Send in Excellent A FAST; and it was a tough one! However, we didn't accumulate enough points. Tuesday started with FAST, and boy, oh boy!, did we get points. We Q'd with 75 points in 31.75 seconds and took first place. F. U. N.

We were close in standard both days. It was a difficult opening today with a 180 degree jump combination at numbers 3 and 4. I was SO proud of my Cosi; we did the 180 and kept up all the bars in a looooong course. We got an R at the teeter, and he jumped off the table in anticipation of the count. But it was an otherwise fabulous run. Good weaves, great contacts, good teamwork.

I've been working with more fun, focus games before we run and making sure I have eye contact before I do my lead out. My goal is to Be Together. Together We Can Do This. (my mantra!) I love running this dog.

Friday we're off to Gail's to a trial in Delaware. It's outdoors, so that will be a change for us. I pray my leg will hold up (running on uneven ground is difficult for me). I'm hoping the weather will take a turn for the better; warm would be nice. =:O)

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