Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Unscheduled Baths

Rain, rain, go away. It's been raining for about three million days in a row. Ok. Ok. Maybe not that many, but it feels like it! Last night after dinner I saw a break in the clouds. I checked the weather channel, and the green radar had turned from a solid blob into little blobs breaking up. Awesome. I bundled the shelties and Miss Jenny the Poodle into the van, and off we went for a walk at the local retirement community.

About 20 minutes into the walk, I felt some drops. I thought it was from the trees we were walking under at the time. Then more drops. More drops. I looked up, and this huge black cloud was moving in quickly. I was about 5 minutes from the parking lot. We began to trot. The heavens opened up and a torrential downpour blasted us. As we reached the van in a full-out run, I was soaked through to the bone, the shelties where drenched (it takes a lot of water to soak that double coat), and Jenny was pissed. She was looking daggers at me. She looked like a drowned rat, not like her usual glamorous Poodly Girl persona. I can just imagine she was saying, "Daddy would never let me get this wet!" I squished into the front seat, and we headed home.

I got out my Hair Force One doggie hair dryer. As I dried the boys, I could see their coats actually got a cleaning. Thanks, Mother Nature. Miss Jenny was less than thrilled with the drying process. Even though everyone got peanut butter cruncher biscuits as a reward for standing while I ran the dryer, Jenny took her cookie to her crate where she could eat it away from that awful Mommy. =:O)

She finally got over her snit as we cuddled on the couch later on. Either that or she was cold and wanted my warmth as she snoozed...

On another note, I got an email from Karen about Riot's successful surgery yesterday. He had one fourth of his jaw removed and will be coming home today. Continue to keep Karen and Riot in your prayers; she's going to need all the strength we can send her.

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Debbie said...

Princess Poodles should never get wet for fear they may melt...Worse yet, they get pissed @ the mommy !!