Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Personal Space

Having been in the workforce for a very long time, I've come to appreciate having a personal space at work. I've worked as a teacher in the public school system where I did not have a room assigned to me for a number of school years. I would hump my materials from room to room, trying to find a shelf, a corner of a desk, or a countertop to make my own.

Yesterday was a mile-marker day for me. I got an office. A real, honest-to-goodness office. I have a door. I have a window.

I have s-p-a-c-e.

I'm so thrilled.


Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Oh my, that brings back memories! For a short time in my career I had an office with a door and a window. Thought I was in heaven.

Good for you!! Enjoy.

Debbie said...

Now if only you could have a Sheltie...