Friday, February 20, 2009

Looking Forward

Today as the wind howls at 30 mph, I got to thinking about the upcoming agility season. Beginning in March Cosi and I will embark on a full year of trials in three venues. My husband and I were talking and he asked me, "What's your goal for this year?"

My immediate response was that I want to get Cosi into Excellent B class (the highest class in AKC agility). We laughed, and I continued. What I want more than anything else is to run *with* Cosi, to be a team and dance together on the agility course.

I'm really enjoying the challenge of having to handle Cosi on course. With Brisco I could be well ahead of my dog, and I drove him with front crosses. Cosi is a whole different kind of dog on course. I find myself steering him from behind, and I like it very much. When I walk a course, I'm seeing a new picture than I used to see.

Brisco and I trained in my little back yard. If I got out all the equipment, it made for some very tight turns. This held us in good steed as the AKC courses got tighter and tighter. As we'd be walking a course and exhibitors were loudly complaining that it was too tight, I'd be grinning ear to ear. Brisco and I always qualified on those courses; it was just like practicing at home.

I'm re-working Cosi's weaves this spring. We used the 2x2 method of training weaves. I didn't feel as solid as I wanted when I first learned this method. So I'm going back and making sure I'm training it correctly. We're having a lot of fun. This shaping training is a blast.

Well, it will be windy all stinkin' weekend. Bundle up, lads. It's time for a walk...

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Josh and Jess said...

Enjoy your walk :) Josh and Jessie hate wind...they don't even want to leave the house on windy days.