Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Freightening Experience

Every evening my four dogs and I head out on a long walk. We take various routes around our township. Sometimes there are sidewalks for us to use, sometimes we have to walk in the streets and alleyways. Tonight we had a frightening experience. We were attacked by a Pit Bull.

Whenever a loose dog comes running out of a yard towards us, Brisco is usually first out front with teeth bared. He hates an uncontrolled dog. Tonight, however, we were attacked from behind. I knew I had to do something, so I let go of my dogs' leashes and grabbed the front leg of the Pit. If I could keep him off balance, I was hoping I could cause him to lose power. It worked. However, I was drug across the macadam and loose stones. I'm brush burned, and his back leg went across my chin and lower lip. I have a cut on my lip, both inside where my teeth bit my lip and outside where his nail cut me.

The scariest part was me holding onto that leg, looking up to see this dog having Cosi's right ear and right half of his head in his mouth. I screamed for help, hoping the owner (at least!) would come help me. She finally came out and got hold of her dog.

Cosi was not hurt; I was the main victim with scrapes and brush burns.

I am afraid that Cosi learned to be aggressive with dogs coming at him.

I am afraid that Mike was hurt emotionally and will be afraid of other dogs or that alley where we were attacked.

I am afraid that I'll be attacked again.

So many people in our township have dogs that are not in fenced in yards or on leashes. There is a township ordinance that dogs must be on leash when outside. And yet I see so many dogs loose in the yard. "He's OK," they always say. Yeah, right.

I'm angry that my favorite pastime was ruined tonight.


The Bradley Dogs said...

I am so sorry that happened to you and your guys. If it makes you feel any better, Austin and I were attacked by a German Shepherd in my neighborhood. He got loose from his owner and charged us. I got Austin behind me in time and his owner grabbed him just as he got to Austin. I thought for sure that Austin would be afraid afther that, but he was fine. I was the one who took time to recover. I carried a spray after that that is like doggie mace. It doesn't hurt the attacking dog, but it does stop them. I also started going to the H.S. to walk where the dogs are leashed and I have light to see them.

Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Letting go of your dog's leashes was probably the best thing you did for them. At least they stood a chance that way and weren't trapped. I second the spray suggestion - find some and carry it with you.
And by the way, it was very brave for you to grab that dog! I hope you feel better soon.

Diana said...

Thats terrible! I hope you report it to animal control. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That is so awful!!! We're so sorry you had to experience such an attack. Hopefully it will not have a lasting effect on your dogs....

Rohan Shelties said...

I agree, I hope you report them to the ACO in your area! Heidi was nailed while we were walking in the woods one day about two years ago...we were walking up a bank from the water back to the trail when this dog (who was about 50 feet in front of us) turned BACK to us, ran AWAY from it's owner and grabbed Heidi. The dog knocked her over and grabbed a fist full of hair out of her side. I was SCREAMING at the owner and told her the dog would be MACED if it came ANYWHERE near us EVER again. I noticed the fur hanging off of her after we got back to the parking lot into the light. I held it up to the woman (who insisted that my dog "just fell over" she nas narcolepsy or something!) and told her she was lucky there were no punctures because I would have the ACO there so fast she wouldnt know what hit her. Even now my blood pressure is rising thinking of the whole situation.
All I can say and recommend is "Direct Stop" made by Premier (citronella based), or "Muzzle Spray" (pepper based). I now feel safe walking her there again because I know I have something to stop a charging dog even before it gets to us.
I hope everyone is OK, and Im sorry you guys were the victims of stupid people with aggressive dogs...
Sheltie Hugs,
Sheltie Mom Jenn, Heidi and Shelby
(PS-Heidi is not aggressive towards other dogs...a little more cautious, but as appropriate as ever)

Sheltie Owner said...

Thank you, everyone, for your support. I now have pepper spray. My husband talked to the owners today while I'm at work. They were very apologetic. I still want to call the police, though. Cosi is at camp today, and I have a report that he is his usual jovial self, no signs of excitement/agressiveness. Thank God for that.

with Brisco, Jenny, Mike, and Cosi

Acadia Shelties said...

Oh Bonnie,
I am so sorry to hear about this attack. It is SO SCARY when another dog is loose. You are right, it always seems the the response of the owner is, "it's ok, he's alright."- I always reply, "well put him on a leash and we will all feel alright then."
Hope you heal soon,