Sunday, April 5, 2009

We Was Robbed!

Well, not literally. But Cosi and I were robbed of a Q in Open FAST on Saturday.

The trial on Saturday was a very busy one. They were running two rings, and I was to be in both at the same time. We ran in Open FAST first and were the only 16" dog of the 5 entered to make the Send/Bonus. It was a tunnel to the A-frame to a jump. I was elated when we Q'd, or so I thought. Every dog (even the Excellent dogs who basically had the same Send in the earlier class) were coming out of the tunnel and missing the A-frame. They'd come to the handler, but by that time it was too late to take the A-frame.

This trial did not have yellow copy sheets for the exhibitors. I *hate* that. By the time I saw the results posted (two classes later), they had Cosi as NQ with a score of 45. I added the points of the equipment he correctly completed: 57. And that's not even with the 20 points of the Bonus. I went to the trial secretary. On our sheet was someone else's score. The judge happened to come to the trial secretary's area at that time, and I pleaded my case. She didn't remember our run, so it was the scribe sheet against me. I, of course, lost. This is not the first time that a clerical error cost us a run. It happened with Brisco in Excellent A way back when; but it was the same thing: The scribe sheets got off by one because dogs moved. My only hope was that the person who "Q'd" would come forward. I didn't recognize the dog or the person's name on the result sheet, or I would have asked them about their run. No one came forward, so the results stand. *sigh* The Agility Fates giveth, and they taketh away. This weekend was a taketh away weekend.

On the Plus Side
Cos and I really ran as a team this weekend. He was focused and did 6 sets of perfect weaves this weekend in various classes. For the first time I felt that we belong in Excellent. Earlier in the year he wasn't holding his focus through 20 obstacles. He'd get so giddy and high around #12 that the rest of the course was a train wreck. Plus today he hit a wicked weave entry. It was a thing of beauty. He held his contacts and listened to my body and verbal cues. I was very proud of our runs. We have no Q ribbons to show for great runs (due to dropped bars), but we are definitely coming together as a team. It feels great!


Diana said...

Wow, you were robbed. Thats terrible. Maybe next time something will go to the other side, in your favor, to even it out. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry they got the scoring wrong! I never even thought of that happening. No fair!