Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wind and Rain and Mud, Oh My!

All that was missing was the Flying Monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. What a wild day!

Cosi and I went to our first USDAA trial in Gamber, Maryland, today. We got there at 7 a.m. with buckets of rain pouring from the skies. The trial committee wisely decided to postpone the trial for an hour. So we all snoozed in the nice, warm van. Jenny took advantage of Mike's warm fur. Here she is lounging in her crate using Mike as her pillow:

I zoomed in on her, as her face was a perfect picture of contentment:

We should all have it so rough! Ah, Jenn, I envy you. =:O)

At 9 a.m. I donned my rain gear and headed out. I heard that there was a CMJ at this trial. I found her and pleaded for her to measure Cosi. She was gracious in the face of my pesting. Two measurements down, one to go!

Cosi and I were to run P1 Gamblers, Standard, Pairs, and Jumpers. Gamblers started off in the pouring rain. I was *very* proud of our run because in a trial last fall in a terrible rain storm, he acted all silly and crazy like he does when you spray the garden hose. Today he stayed very focused and ran well. He back-jumped the one jump in the Gamble so we didn't Q. But we placed third. (That crazy system in USDAA!) Click here for the YouTube link to his run.

On to Standard. The ring footing was getting progressively worse and worse. Then this 20 mph wind blew in. I was afraid to put him full blast on the dog walk, afraid he'd slip or even get blown off. In the video you'll see me stop him as he comes out of the tunnel. I was slipping even though I had cleated shoes on and had trouble keeping up with him. Watch the beginning of this run. He goes from a sit, to a semi-down, and watch the butt action as he gets ready to blast off the line! There's something we need to work on! Click here for the YouTube link to his run.

With the footing getting iffy and the rain still coming down in sheets, I decided to pack it in and go home around 1 p.m. We didn't run Pairs or Jumpers.

3 Positives
We had *awesome* weaves in our two classes.
He held his contacts.
He maintained focus.

2 Things To Work On
Start line stay (in a sit)
Avoiding back jumping

Great experience. I got our 3rd place ribbon to have a souvenir. Can't wait until the HOT Agility trial to run again.

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Diana said...

Good for you. That was a lot of rain. Hopefully next time there will be better weather. Diana