Sunday, April 26, 2009

HOT Agility Trial

Well, there's good news and there's bad news from the trial this weekend.

Good News
Cosi and I Q'd on two courses: Performance Speed Jumping and P1 Gamblers. Here's the video Jack filmed of his speed jumping run.

Bad News
Notice as he comes off the A-frame for the first time, we turn and run a line of jumps. As I was running that line, I heard a pop and felt a searing pain in my left hamstring muscle. Rats. As I limped to the A-frame for the second time, I could barely lift my leg; running was out of the question. Cosi and I finished with a clean run.

Gamblers was the last class of the day, and thank goodness because in Gamblers I didn't have to run with him. I directed him from a distance and what he took, he took. We got enough points and the gamble, so we qualified. I don't have video as Jack left before we ran. I do, however, have some photos of Coleen running with Vic in their Gamblers run. As I was sitting in the shade with an ice pack on my leg, I grabbed my camera and snapped away.


Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Soooooo, how's the leg today? What's the deal?

Sheltie Owner said...

The hamstring is very tender and hurts when I sit. Fortunately, I have a massage therapy appointment tonight. Hopefully I can get some relief. Until then I'm the new spokesperson for the Icey Hot Patch! Move over, Shaq!