Friday, April 24, 2009


I took a vacation day today and, boy, did I win the lottery! It's so beautiful outside.

It's funny the things that stick in your memory. This morning as I was walking the dogs at 6:30, I remembered the first time I noticed spring.

When I was 34 (*many* moons ago), I had to have major surgery. When I came home from the hospital, it was late April. I am a person always on the go. I am usually doing something constructive. I can't just sit. Even when I "watch" TV, I'm knitting. So the recovery from this operation made me actually stop, relax, and notice what was going on around me. For the first time I noticed buds, trees blooming, azaleas (now my favorite spring flower), and the true beauty of spring. Previously I had blasted through the season, eager to get to summer--my favorite time of year.

This morning as the doggies and I were walking, I again noticed the beauty of spring and felt the glorious feelings of newness, hope, and renewal. It soothed my soul. Spectacular!

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